John Brodacki Joins Asset Strategy Advisors

John Brodacki & Castle Hill Financial Group Joins Asset Strategy Advisors

Natick, MA  June 8, 2017 – Asset Strategy Advisors (ASA) is pleased to announce that John Brodacki III, and Castle Hill Financial Group, LLC, have joined our expanding team.  John is joining as a Partner and Director of Private Wealth. By uniting with Asset Strategy Advisors, Mr. Brodacki/ Castle Hill Financial Group will combine their resources, expertise and offer expanded solutions to better help their clients.

“I’m excited to join the team at Asset Strategy. The enormous dedication, integrity, and resources they provide their clients are in line with how we have always approached planning and advice. Together we will continue to provide leadership in planning, service, and technology.” – John R. Brodacki, III

ASA’s Private Wealth Group focuses on providing clients with solutions relating to financial planning, estate planning, and investment advice. As Director, John’s role will be to meet with clients to ensure that each of their needs and concerns are addressed appropriately and accurately, and orchestrate the resources available from an independent an objective advisory firm.

“The landscape for providing advice, whether to individual clients or institutional retirement plans, has changed. To stay ahead, you have to innovate, act in a fiduciary capacity for your clients and have the depth from an experienced team providing appropriate solutions.  We are excited about John joining our firm in a leadership capacity and the expertise he will provide our clients.” – Kent Fitzpatrick, Asset Strategy Advisors Managing Director 

Asset Strategy Advisors is an independent, fee-based investment consulting and advisory firm based in Massachusetts. ASA provides unbiased planning and risk management services to both individuals and company sponsored retirement plans.